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The Valuation section number is V-7-VA.

The map number within that section is #96.

As I have already discovered the numbering for this
section of the N&W is from south to north, ending at
the VA/WV state line, where a new section number
commences within WV, then changing again when the line
crossed the Potomac at Shepherdstown and entered
Maryland. I have glanced at both the VA and WV
sections, getting copies of maps for Boyce, Riverton
Jct. and Charles Town. Boyce for you, Riverton and
Charles Town for their intersection with the B&O and
Harrisonburg Branch.

Section #7 went from some miles (I'll have to check to
be sure), maybe 10 or 15 miles north of Roanoke to the
WV line; over 100 maps. From Roanoke or somewhere I
don't remember, the next section south goes to the
Troutville region, but I didn't delve into that. I can
but haven't YET. It's on my radar screen but down the
road a piece not to mention the buildings which I
haven't even started but they too are somewhere on my
radar screen. The maps in the south, or at least
several of them, have an interest for me as they
closely are aligned with the proposed Valley RR never
completed line south of Lexington. I just have to
figure out which N&W maps they are, which might just
be later this week, if I go to the Archives and kill
off 5 hours annual leave and $135 for 10 more maps.



April 24, 2007

Thanks, Bob, for the update. Just to be clear, is
valuation section V-7-VA entirely the Shenandoah
Division? You mentioned the span from the West
Virginia border near Gaylord, Virginia, to Troutville.

I'll look forward to hearing from you if any of the
engineering field notes turn up, particularly for
Boyce. However, if that isn't available but one is
found for Charles Town, that would also be of
interest. The two stations were built a year apart,
have many common features, and perhaps about the same
furnishings and fixtures.

Thank you,


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