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Tue Apr 24 01:40:39 EDT 2007

April 24, 2007

I understand that in fulfillment of the Valuation Act
of 1913, railroads filed exhaustive detail about
assets owned with the Interstate Commerce Commission.
One documentation aspect were "engineer's field notes"
about each structure.

The National Archives and Records Administration
(NARA) is said by a B&M historian to have these files
at its College Park, Maryland, location. Has anyone
at the N&W Achives observed similar document folders?

Some of the useful content includes an inventory of
all furnishings and fixtures at each structure owned
by the railway. I assume for that shops, this would
be a listing of all machinery. The files also include
plans and perhaps photos.

The photo at Dublin station posted by Ben is a good
example of an exterior building shot taken for this
detailed assessment. Other than some pictures at
Wytheville, has anyone observe interior station
pictures of any era?

Good morning,

Frank Scheer
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