Class A Roller Bearings

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No doubt about it, I have a very well used copy of the
original A book, and will be as close to the front of
the line as possible to buy the revised version when
it's available.

The person who asked me the question had access to
both the A book and N&W Giant of Steam (NWGS), but the
narrative description in both and the photos in NWGS
left us both unsure exactly how the arrangement
worked. So I left the question open here in case
there were other sources. The cited article in the
Feb 1940 N&W Magazine had the detail and pix I was
looking for.

Never fear, I haven't forgot N&W's "Mercedes of
Steam," book or locomotive!

Dave Stephenson

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> For shame, Dave. I would have thought that you of

> all people would have had a copy of the original

book on the A . . .


> EdKing

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