1907 - New Depot Rumored

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Roanoke Times - April 2, 1907

New Depot Rumored

Richmond, Va., April 1. - While all the railroads in Richmond are and have
been, making special offers to keep even rumors of the facts secret, it has
finally come out that the roads have changed all their plans concerning the
union station here, and instead of adding to and remodeling the Main street
station, that building is to be abandoned and torn down.
Property for the new union station, which is to be built according to plans
drawn and practically approved, has been purchased, or else options have been
procured so that the remainder can be purchased at fixed figures.
Several hundred thousand dollars are involved in the plan for the new union
station, which is to be used jointedly by the Chesapeake and Ohio, Seaboard Air
Line, Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac, Atlantic Coast Line, Norfolk and
Western and the Southern railway.
It is understood that they expect to procure certain concessions from the
city before the plans are ratified by the railroads.

- Roger Link

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