1907 - Great Lakes To Norfolk

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With reference to passenger stations at Norfolk -- the
1909 entry for The Official Guide shows the station to
be at Main Street. This was NOT Terminal Station, which
opened on May 31, 1912, but was told that it was on the
west side of the Terminal Building. For a time, there had
been a temporary station at Park Street. The railroad may
have shared facilities with Norfolk & Southern. N&S had a
rather circuitous route into Norfolk before the Virginian. It
left the main line at Providence Junction (near today's
Greenbrier Mall), took a tack to the north through
Kempsville, connected with the South Route at Clapham
Junction (Euclid) and ran west to Park Street. After the
Virginian was constructed, N&S passenger trains operated
thru to Carolina Junction, transferred to Virginian Railway on
trackage rights to Tidewater, then resumed the trip to
Norfolk on its own rails.
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