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At these 2 facilites generally how long and high where the humps?

What motive power was used?
How many cars where in the string to be humped,max ?
Not all the cars where actually on the hump at anyone time, untill closer to
the end right?

thanks for the info,
John Rhodes

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> John:


> I suspect the height and grades in a hump yard are determined by

> length of bowl tracks and tracks in the bowl. The mountain at

> Bellevue certainly was higher than the pimple at the Portsmouth

> time freight hump, but Bellevue had more bowl tracks. Bellevue

> had computerized car retardation and Portsmouth did it with a

> car retarder operator. At Bellevue, a hump engine pushed the cars

> to the apex and bowl crews pulled the classified cars from the

> opposite end. At Portsmouth, the same crew that humped them,

> also pulled them out of the bowl. Despite the computerization and

> the army of clerks that staffed the Bellevue hump, the Portsmouth

> time freight hump was just as efficient. Just don't pull the antics

> that Bison Yard did. The pin-puller uncoupled a cut of 10 liquid

> sugar tanks. The cut went through the designated track and were

> last seen en route to Canada.

> Harry Bundy


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