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I suspect the height and grades in a hump yard are determined by
length of bowl tracks and tracks in the bowl. The mountain at
Bellevue certainly was higher than the pimple at the Portsmouth
time freight hump, but Bellevue had more bowl tracks. Bellevue
had computerized car retardation and Portsmouth did it with a
car retarder operator. At Bellevue, a hump engine pushed the cars
to the apex and bowl crews pulled the classified cars from the
opposite end. At Portsmouth, the same crew that humped them,
also pulled them out of the bowl. Despite the computerization and
the army of clerks that staffed the Bellevue hump, the Portsmouth
time freight hump was just as efficient. Just don't pull the antics
that Bison Yard did. The pin-puller uncoupled a cut of 10 liquid
sugar tanks. The cut went through the designated track and were
last seen en route to Canada.
Harry Bundy
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