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Here are some things we need to establish:

1. When/where was the electric track circuit first used on the N&W?

2. When/where was the first installation of an Automatic Block Signal System on the N&W? When/where were "coded track circuits" first used on the N&W (it was sometime in the 1930s on the Norfolk Division.) We could also use a chronology covering all installations of Automatic Block Signaling on the N&W.

3. When/where was the first interlocking installed on the N&W?

4. We need a complete list of all "interlocking stations" (i.e. towers or cabins that controlled interlockings) on the N&W.

5. When/where was the first remotely controlled interlocking installed on the N&W? (I think it was at "NR" North Roanoke, in the early 1920s, remotely controlled from "UD," the Shenandoah Div train dispatching office in the old Park Street building.)

6. When/where was the first use of a pneumatic switch mechanism on the N&W?

7. When/where was the fist "all electric" (or "all electro-pneumatic") interlocking constructed on the N&W?

8. When/where was the last purely mechanical interlocking retired on the N&W?

9. We need a chronology for the installation of CTC on the N&W.

10. We also need a chronology covering the installation of double track on the various Divisions.

11. And finally, we need to spike down the dates for the establishment and dissolution-or-merging of the various operating Divisions (such as the "Central Division" and the "V&T Division," etc.)

Some of these questions are probably answered in the old N&W annual reports.

<< PS to Ken Miller... I shall expect to have your detailed report, answering all particulars indicated above, by the end of the present month. -- /s/ R.H. Smith >>

-- abram burnett :)
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