The foolhardiest drivers come from Finland

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Sat Sep 16 19:36:46 EDT 2006

I share with you some of the feats made by Ukko-Pekka 1009 on the
busiest route here last summer. The locomotive, though largest steam
express loco ever built in Finland pales in comparision with giants
like N&W J. So here..

We were running a steady 70 mph to let an Intercity to pass on
adjacent track. Then a hell came out the three people working in the
cab, me as an occasional stoker who had prepared the pressure up to
the limit. All out we were able to repass the intercity with some
100+ mph speed. This was in the night with cinders jubilating the
occasion. And then it was just about easing speed down to keep our
license to run. Some of the passengers were looking quite pale
leaving the train at the Helsinki terminal station.

(Ukko-Pekka is a Finnish made and designed 4-6-2 express steam
locomotive series with 75" drivers)

Markku Kastinen

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