PRR T1 - 140 MPH??

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Wed Sep 13 13:31:02 EDT 2006

Let us not forget that the objective of a passenger locomotive able to pull
a passenger train of medium weight on a fast schedule requires fast
acceleration to get the train up to a high speed quickly. Necessarily, this
means a high output power. With the high power output, a high speed will be
a natural outcome with the upper speed limit controlled by aerodynamic,
dynamic balance loads, track structure, stability and other factors. Any
locomotive with its power output curve peaking at the higher speeds will
likely be able to haul a train at high speed possibly in the low one
hundreds similar to the Class J or the T-1. Key items are will the
locomotive beat the track to death at speed, derail due to instabilities or
dynamic forces, and does it have sufficient braking to keep itself and the
train on the track through curves, switches and sidings? Fast in a straight
line isn't enough to make a high-speed locomotive practical.

Gary Rolih

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