PRR T1 - 140 MPH??

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There are claims of similar figures for the S1 and
they're just as well documented as the stories for the

Here again, with the extremely tall drivers, small
cylinders, very large boiler, it could probably go as
fast as the engineer's nerves permitted as long as the
track didn't come apart under the dynamic loads
something that large would impose. Although websites
credit it with very high DBHP output, documented
accounts never seemed to rate it very high in that
department, only about 5,013. Don't know why. It had
660 SF of direct heating surface (firebox and CC),
5001 SF indirect HS (tubes and flues), relatively
short flues at 22 ft, and 132 ft of grate area.
Pretty impressive boiler.

Only one detailed history of this locomotive has been
written and its conclusion was that the S1 was just
too big to be useful, and its entire operating career
was more an illustration of what not to do.

The S1 weighed about 608,000 lbs (engine) and
1,060,000 lbs total with tender. It would consume a
lot of power just moving itself at high speeds.

Dave Stephenson

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> The discussion about what PRR's T-1 duplex (4-4-4-4)

> is alleged to have done

> makes me wonder if there exist similar claims for

> the even larger,

> one-of-a-kind S-1 (6-4-4-6) with its 84 inch

> drivers.


> Jerry Crosson

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