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On September 8, Ken Miller wrote:


This was a popular location with company photographers, it was used
frequently in the mid 1930s to about 1940. It is west of Shaffers
Crossing near the VA hospital before the yard was extended considerably. The terrain has been drastically modified there, and has
not even remotely resembled this for decades.

Most of the 1902 USGS Topo Maps have been put "on-line." I'll check to see if the Virginia maps are available yet, and look at the contours of the "former" bluffs west of Shaffers Crossing near the VA hospital.

Of course, with these older maps there is some question about elevations. If one compares the elevations obtained by modern photometric reconnaissance and given on the new Topos with the values obtained by field surveyors and given on the century-old Topos, it becomes quite apparent what the early USGS survey crews were doing. "See that high escarpment, Sonny? How high do you think it is? We certainly don't want to be climbing up there this late in the day!" And they thought no one would ever know ! Ah-ha... Your sins shall fine ye out !

God save the Tsar.

-- abram burnett
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