N&W CPL signals

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I have a CPL signal head that was in working order when taken down. It has a
replacement for the original metal face as installed by N&W signal
department. It weights about 300+ lbs and would require a pickup to remove.
The wife is complaining for me to sell it. You can contact me at
mycooper at visuallinl.com Mason Cooper

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>>I am trying to figure out the best way of obtaining a couple of the

>>N&W distinctive color position light dwarf signals. Growing up along

>>the N&W near Circleville, Ohio I remember seeing these signals in

>>places. Of course, I never asked anyone at the time about them, and

>>with the phasing out of the PL style signals, I am fearing I may be to



>>Does anyone have a contact or address I could write to inquiry about

>>this? I sincerely appreciate your help and insight into this.




> I'd like to know too, and what about the regular CPLs? I asked this

> question some time ago over on Trainorders, but did not get much of an

> answer. Have also read an article in the Arrow about a member with their

> CPL.


> Joel



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