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Re: N&W 1 & 2

Apparently it was not unusual for the diner to be a PRR diner (in
which case he'd eat at the station in Roanoke!), so it's entirely
possible that the diner just shut down after Shenandoah but stayed in
the train.

This is news to me!!! I never heard or saw of this. Can anyone else
verify? Not unheard of for another road to lease diners on occasion,
but the cars were staffed by the leasing road.

Jim Brewer is correct. Trains 1 & 2 were essentially N&W equipped
with an engine change to PRR at Hagerstown. The only PRR car that
ran on a regular basis was a B-60 baggage car that operated
Harrisburg to Roanoke. The N&W postal-baggage was set out at
Hagerstown. After about 1959-60 with express volume declining, the
full baggage car was dropped, and the N&W car ran through to
Harrisburg. The postal crew worked only to Hagerstown and the mail
portion of the car ran "closed pouch" to Harrisburg.

Rick Morrison
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