Question about staybolt maintenance on the N&W

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Mon May 1 17:13:18 EDT 2006

I'm hoping someone on the list can confirm my memory on this one: I'm
certain that I've read the following in at least one article on N&W steam:
the N&W averaged only 3 broken staybolts per locomotive per year during the
heyday of its steam operations (1940's/1950's).

I have an aquaintance in Australia who is doing research for a book on steam
locomotive boilers and he was very interested in this statistic when I first
mentioned it, but unfortuantely I've been unable to back it up.

I made a concerted effort some time back to find the source of this quote
("Trains" articles, "Railfan" articles, "Giant of Steam", other N&W books)
to no avail.

If anyone can confirm this statement and the source, I'd really appreciate

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