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I know this go's back aways but I remember reading sonething about this train back in 1948 or 49 in "Railroad Magazine.
I have the Magazines but I do not want to open it till I am ready to scan it to disk. Most all of my collection from the 1930's to 50's are turing to dust, so I have one shot to copy them. I have them sealed in airtite plastic till I am ready. It's fun to see the cigarett ad's on the back covers
("Smokers find: Camels never jangle the nerves') June 1939 Railroad Magazine 15 cents



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> Not sure about the K-3, EdK. Louis Newton told me about the

> arrangement, but didn't get into detail. Now I'm told that

> train service to the ammunition plant was also available from Lynchburg.

> Harry Bundy



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