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Thanks for your thoughtful reply. It does help as far as your series of articles are concerned.

Quite frankly, I hope you do get paid. I am fully aware of the investment of time and money to prepare articles. What really prompted my concern, and thus post, is that I have information from a first hand source who USED to write articles for MM that he has not been paid for several articles, and apparently, there is little likelihood that he will be paid. He has stopped submitting articles.

And in addition to your cost, the Society has costs.

I appreciate your response. I am glad that you are promoting your articles beyond the scope of the Arrow. Although I'd rather see your material in RMC, which in my opinion is catering more to those of us who do prototype modeling, I respect your decision and efforts on behalf of the Society.

I'm still wondering about all those drawings and photos that have been appearing which are usually credited as "courtesy of the N&W Historical Society."

Best wishes.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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Jim --
As author of the N&W hopper series, I'll comment on your questions to the extent that I have knowledge. At my initiative, the articles were placed in MM two years after appearing in The Arrow with permission from N&WHS leadership; part of the agreement was that MM would run a N&WHS/Arrow credit with each installment, and in the first and final installments we included a "join the N&WHS" para with mailing address, etc. To me, the diversity of N&W's coal train consists is one of the more interesting facets of the N&W, and part of my logic in suggesting placement of the articles in MM was to interest a segment of the hobby beyond the reach of The Arrow, and perhaps gain some members for N&WHS. Beyond gaining coverage of N&W in front of a broader audience, I'm not aware of any compensation from MM to N&WHS.

The cost of preparing modeling articles such as the hopper series is not cheap. After the Arrow series finished, I recall commenting to Jarrell that I had invested in excess of $200 just in photography expense to bring the hopper series to fruition; shooting and reshooting in-process and finished model closeups with just the right focus and lighting doesn't come easy or cheap, at least for me. And if you compare the two sets of articles, you'll see some rewrite and "selective compression" in the MM series to fit the articles into MM's space constraints. I'm expecting to be paid MM's normal author compensation, and not being independently wealthy, I'll welcome it to offset the costs already incurred for both series. And rest assured, no one gets rich writing articles for the commercial magazines, let alone The Arrow. You have to WANT to do it.

Hope this helps,
Bob Chapman

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I received my Nov/Dec issue of the Arrow today, and once again, Jarrell Greever has done an excellent job, as have the authors of the articles. Thanks!

Ironically, earlier this week I received my latest issue of Mainline Modeler. Once again, MM is running articles that have appeared in the Arrow.

What is the arrangement here on reprinting articles from the Arrow in MM? Is the Society compensated? Is the original author compensated? If not, why not?

Also, in prior issues MM has run drawings and/or photos of N&W prototypes that are credited to the Society's archival collection. Is MM paying for these materials? If not, why not?

I am letting my subscription to MM lapse for many reasons, none of which are pertinent to discussion on this list, but I am very curious about the above.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD


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