Van Dorn Avenue, Alexandria

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The passenger locomotives stayed at Ivy City between runs but did not
require servicing there.

Dick Fisher
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> When I worked as Extra Yard Clerk in the SOU Alexandria Yard back in the

> mid 50's,that Van Doren area was known as Old Cameron Yard.

> This is the way the story was passed on to me by one of the old timers.

> It seems that back in the early 1920's Fairfax Harrison who was the

> Pres.of the Southern back in those days got sort of pissed off at the RF&P

> for the charges for humping the Bean Man, Weed Line and other SOU Fts. The

> SOU owned that future yard land since the Orange & Alexandria took over

> the Manassas Cap line after the 1861-65 war. So Harrison built a small

> hump yard out west of town to hump his own trains every thing was fine

> until he offered to hump the C&O for less than the RF&P were charging. The

> Mighty PRR then went whinning to the ICC,

> the ICC in turn told Harrison to close the yard and send his trains back

> to POTYD, also telling the RF&P to cut the price charged to the SOU and

> C&O.

> Also Neither POTYD or Ivy City ever serviced a Southern loco. all returned

> to Alexandria Yard for service between runs.


> H.B.Lyon

> Alex, VA


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