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Dear Mr. Basher,

According to “N&W Railway Standard Drawings”, page 28, “N&W Railway Standard
Guard Rails for Bridges and Tunnels” the distance from the bulkhead of the
bridge to the point of the guard rail is 100-feet. If the bridge is on a
curve of 3° or greater, the guard rail is to extend through the entire
curve—not to exceed a distance of 200 feet from the bulkhead of the bridge.

Most curves on model railroads are far sharper than 3°, so I think your
answer is about 200-feet unless the bridge is on a tangent.

Happy bashing,

Dave Lambert


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Enough already !

Here is another subject for you all to ponder.

I have kit bashed an Atlas 0-gauge Pratt truss bridge to three rails spaced
to use on our hi-rail modular layout.

The kit itself provides no guard rails, but I just won some Atlas track on
ebay that I plan to tear apart and use for that purpose.

My question is this: How far past the ends of the bridge itself do the
guard rails on N & W prototype bridges extend ? "God is in the details !"

Thank you all for your help in this matter.

Have a happy day.

Mr. Kit Basher

audreyly at aol.com

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