"The Cannonball"

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Don is correct - we took the Meteor to FL many times in earlier times 
(before interstates) and never went through Norfolk.  Do remember the 
layover in the Alexandria yard, though.  My dad worked for the Grand Trunk 
and we had comp tix (favorite trip was to Chicago on the 20th Century, 
passing right next to Cleveland's Municipal Stadium about 11PM at night - I 
still remember the huge Chief Wahoo sign lit up).

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>     Methinks the RF&P cars were in a New York-Richmond pool and rarely, if 
>ever, came through to Norfolk.  Mostly the New York to Norfolk sleeper was 
>PRR after the Budd cars were sold.
>     What I do remember is an ACL coach, one of the A15 heavyweight Rocky 
>Mount rebuilds showing up occasionally.  You know, the purple, grey and 
>yellow things.  As I recall, ACL did a good job on them.  Gee, I wish I'd 
>kept better records in those days!
>                         Don Corbin
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>   Referring to an earlier question regarding equipment protecting "The 
>Cannonball" --
>   the following "Signal 98" was transmitted from NS Jct. on August 20, 
>1963.  By
>   then, "The Cannonball" and "The Cavalier" had been combined.
>   No. 21 Engs 517-501
>   Condr Adams and Engr Phelps CR 905 and 835 PM
>   Departed Norfolk 935 PM
>   NW 1350  X  CHGO
>   NW 1427 X   ROKE
>   NW 1317 M  CINCI
>   NW 91     R  CINCI
>   PRR 9656 X DH RICH
>   SOU 307   X DH RICH
>   PRR 7865  X RICH
>   NW 1305   X RICH
>   NW 1503 PB RICH
>   NW 1726    P BLFD
>   Pullman Pike County was a 10 Rmtte, 6 DBR sleeper built by Budd in
>   1949.  Wayner's "Car Names, Numbers, and Consists" indicate that
>   in 1949 Pullman built six 10 Rmtte, 6 DBR cars for New York-Richmond
>   and New York-Norfolk service.  The N&W cars were Buchanan County,
>   McDowell County and Sussex County.  RF&P supplied King George,
>   King William and King and Queen.
>Harry Bundy
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