"The Cannonball"

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    Methinks the RF&P cars were in a New York-Richmond pool and rarely, if ever, came through to Norfolk.  Mostly the New York to Norfolk sleeper was PRR after the Budd cars were sold.
    What I do remember is an ACL coach, one of the A15 heavyweight Rocky Mount rebuilds showing up occasionally.  You know, the purple, grey and yellow things.  As I recall, ACL did a good job on them.  Gee, I wish I'd kept better records in those days!
                        Don Corbin  
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  Referring to an earlier question regarding equipment protecting "The Cannonball" --
  the following "Signal 98" was transmitted from NS Jct. on August 20, 1963.  By
  then, "The Cannonball" and "The Cavalier" had been combined.

  No. 21 Engs 517-501
  Condr Adams and Engr Phelps CR 905 and 835 PM
  Departed Norfolk 935 PM

  NW 1350  X  CHGO
  NW 1427 X   ROKE
  NW 1317 M  CINCI
  NW 91     R  CINCI
  PRR 9656 X DH RICH
  SOU 307   X DH RICH
  PRR 7865  X RICH
  NW 1305   X RICH
  NW 1503 PB RICH
  NW 1726    P BLFD


  Pullman Pike County was a 10 Rmtte, 6 DBR sleeper built by Budd in
  1949.  Wayner's "Car Names, Numbers, and Consists" indicate that
  in 1949 Pullman built six 10 Rmtte, 6 DBR cars for New York-Richmond
  and New York-Norfolk service.  The N&W cars were Buchanan County,
  McDowell County and Sussex County.  RF&P supplied King George,
  King William and King and Queen.
                                                                        Harry Bundy


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