Route to Convention 2005

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Sat Jun 18 22:09:33 EDT 2005

Having personal experience just this past Tuesday, be very careful on 
this road. I was nearly taken out by a semi truck (not a coal truck) on 
a blind inside curve, he was over the center line by a foot and a half, 
if the van I was driving had a rear bumper that stuck out, it would 
have been gone, it was that close.

Pretty much from Gilbert west on 52 is rough driving, and not very 

Ken Miller

On Jun 18, 2005, at 8:47 PM, nw-mailing-list at wrote:

> Coming from Bluefield to Williamson via US 52 will take 3-3-1/2 hours.
> US52 is a fairly wide two lane over the Elkhorn Grade and over to 
> Welch.
> North of that especially after leaving the mainline near Panther, US 52
> is very hilly with a couple of ridge-lines that require driving up some
> hairpin climbs to get over.

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