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The Charleston to Williamson Routing on 119 is a four lane, divided
highway that is the fastest route to Williamson.  Figure about 1-1/2
hours travel time.

Taking off at Beckley and going to Mullens to Pineville to Hanover will
be slower.  Figure two-lanes and winding, average speed about 35mph.
These roads will be narrower than US52.  If you build in the time to do
this, okay.  If you must make time and keep to a schedule 119 is best.

A note for all of you, the 'fun' route is to follow the N&W mainline
along US52 or the Virginian connection over to Hanover/Gilbert.  Aside
from all of the stops you will make for railfanning, the average speed
on any of these roads is 25-35 mph.  Maps make the routes look short,
but there are a lot of ups and downs that aren't shown on the 2-D map
sheet.  If you get behind a coal truck, watch out for kicked up debris
and rocks.  Expect to go SLOOOOOWWWW up and down hills.

Coming from Bluefield to Williamson via US 52 will take 3-3-1/2 hours.
US52 is a fairly wide two lane over the Elkhorn Grade and over to Welch.
North of that especially after leaving the mainline near Panther, US 52
is very hilly with a couple of ridge-lines that require driving up some
hairpin climbs to get over.

If you follow the mainline out of Welch to Farm and through Davy and
over to Roderfield, you will find that the road is quite narrow and
lumpy.  Definitely pay attention on this road.

Remember, it is easy to spend driving time rubber-necking the scenery
and watching the tracks or trains in these hollows.  Be safe!  Once you
are behind the wheel, pay attention to the roads.  These roads demand
alertness and some concentration.

A little scouting will turn up safe places to turn off and park.  Don't
forget there will be another train along soon enough.

G Rolih

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Your first idea will give you some great RXR to checkout historically.
This is a lark trip take advantage and see some really interesting territory
with lots of N&W/ Virginian history and current operations.

Simple question, when will you be back to see this area in depth again,
go for it !!

Oakie G Ford

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 > I'm heading to Williamson from Northern Virginia.
 > Will go the usual  I66, I81, I64 to at least Beckley.
 > I noticed there seems to be a more direct route from
 > there to Williamson taking Rt.16 through Mullens,
 > Rt.10 to Pineville and Rt.97 to Hanover.  At that
 > point US 52 is familiar.  Is this a reasonable
 > alternative, rather than to going to Charleston and
 > taking US 119 back to Williamson, or one of those
 > shortcuts to be avoided?
 > Thanks for any advice you can give me!
 > Dave Stephenson

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