O. Winston Link N&W Y 2190 at Gilbert, WV

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I believe Roger is correct.  The negative used for the
photo on SS&S pg 117 is NW2222 and is B&W.  It's the
same photo used on 2nd Pigeon.  Link's color negatives
had a different numbering system.  Joan Thomas in
Roanoke has the definitive answer for this question,
but IIRC, she said the cover for 2nd Pigeon was
colorized from B&W.  Apparently Link was interested in
the process at the time the album was being developed.

Dave Stephenson

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> Roger, I cannot address the issue of where the 2190
> photo was taken, but I would like to address your
> use of the term "colorized".  Colorized implies that
> color was artificially added to an otherwise black &
> white photo, such as what has been done in the past
> to "preserve" old black and white movies and in the
> process change the original studio art into
> something of a cheap knock-off. (Parts of the
> original Wizard of Oz movie were intentionally
> filmed in black and white to contrast plain ol',
> drab Kansas with Dorothy's vivid dream of the
> wonderful Land of Oz).
> Instead, for his daylight shots, Mr. Link used at
> least two (and possible three) camera's to make
> simultaneous exposures, one (or two) in black and
> white, and the other in color.  So the color print
> is made from a color negative, not a black and white
> negative that has had color added to it.  Therefor,
> it is a color photo, not a colorized photo.  If you
> look at the published pictures of the Abingdon
> branch (all made in daylight) you can find that just
> about every one has a color version and a black and
> white version.  Same reason - simultaneous exposures
> made with duplicate cameras.
> Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, Virginia
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> > Image is a daylight shot of Y 2190 with what I 
> > assume to be mine equipment on the ridge in the
> background. 
> > A colorized version of the image was used on 
> > the OWL LP "2nd Pigeon and the Mocking Bird". 
> > Roger Link >
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