O. Winston Link N&W Y 2190 at Gilbert, WV

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Roger, I cannot address the issue of where the 2190 photo was taken, but I would like to address your use of the term "colorized".  Colorized implies that color was artificially added to an otherwise black & white photo, such as what has been done in the past to "preserve" old black and white movies and in the process change the original studio art into something of a cheap knock-off. (Parts of the original Wizard of Oz movie were intentionally filmed in black and white to contrast plain ol', drab Kansas with Dorothy's vivid dream of the wonderful Land of Oz).

Instead, for his daylight shots, Mr. Link used at least two (and possible three) camera's to make simultaneous exposures, one (or two) in black and white, and the other in color.  So the color print is made from a color negative, not a black and white negative that has had color added to it.  Therefor, it is a color photo, not a colorized photo.  If you look at the published pictures of the Abingdon branch (all made in daylight) you can find that just about every one has a color version and a black and white version.  Same reason - simultaneous exposures made with duplicate cameras.

Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, Virginia
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> Image is a daylight shot of Y 2190 with what I 
> assume to be mine equipment on the ridge in the background. 
> A colorized version of the image was used on 
> the OWL LP "2nd Pigeon and the Mocking Bird". 
> Roger Link 
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