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I'd love to see Bristol and Pulaski.
Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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> Ken,
> I have the last two month's steam dispatchments from each point on the N &
> where locomotives were dispatched during the waning years (also electrics
> for Bluestone).  This info is handwritten on three N & W G4 sheets.  The
> sheets are unsigned, and I do not recall where I got them.  The two best
> bets are Art Bixby or Mr. Pond's personal files.
> The earliest phase out listed is Eckman with 109 dispatchments in May
> 56 in June 1950, and 0 in July 1950 (also, 15292 system dispatchments in
> 1950).
> The last phase out listed is Williamson with 135 dispatchments in April
> 1960, 15 in May 1960, and 0 in June 1960 (also, 15 system dispatchment in
> May 1960).
> Other points listed (in chronological order) are: Pulaski, Wilcoe, Durham,
> Clare, Kinney, Shenandoah, Winston-Salem, Bristol, Richlands, Kenova,
> Radford, Norton, Columbus, Portsmouth, Crewe, Petersburg, Shaffers,
> Pt., Bluefield, Weller Yard, and Iaeger.
> I'll try to scan these sheets and send them to you in the next day or so.
> Gordon Hamilton

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