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WOW!!!  Amazing.  I would have expected a dynamite blast and construction of a new modern bridge.  Steel or something.
I know it is a longshot you have any close up shots of it now.  If so I would like to see them.

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When I was working the section gang at Marion in 2003, we completely retied the tracks above the arch and accompanying trestle, we re-poured the concrete abundaments supporting the bridge and above the arch, as well as cleaned the stone and re-patched any crumbling places on the arch. The arch is very structurally sound today. It is hard to believe that a structure that was designed to handle the smallest of 4-4-0's has also withstood the enormous weight of the 2-6-6-4, and 2-8-8-2, and STILL is a vital part of today's NS Bristol Line as modern diesels traverse it several times daily. Pretty good for an old girl eh???

Gary Price
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