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I have the steam dispatchments by terminal for the last two months of each 
terminal. I do not have the individual locomotive numbers for those last 

Bud Jeffries

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>I have been searching for some time for this information, but have not come 
>up with some definitive answers.
> We all know that the last steam operation was out of Williamson in May, 
> 1960. I have dates for the last steam on the Scioto Division, but I have 
> never seen dates for the last steam on the other Divisions, I've seen a 
> few certain dates, like February 20, 1957 for the last steam passenger 
> train on the Shenandoah Division north of Roanoke and December 31, 1957 
> for the passenger trains on the Bristol line.
> Does anyone have dates and locomotive numbers for last revenue steam 
> freight or passenger runs on Radford Division or Norfolk Division. In my 
> research I have come up with some dates on the Radford Division, as best 
> as I can tell, the 1202 went west with Train 85 consisting of 120 cars on 
> October 28, 1958, called for 11 am, pulled out of track 8 in Roanoke yard 
> at 11:25 am. Steam before that was spotty at best, mostly GP9s, RS11s, the 
> only previous steam dates I can find are October 13, 1958, September 25, 
> 1958, then a big gap back to March 20, 1958. Obviously steam was not to 
> common by this late date, March seems to be the last month of frequent 
> steam operation.  The Salem Shifter still used steam on up to January 23, 
> 1959 with No. 230.
> I am not looking for excursion train operations, like the 1240 in July 
> 1959, or 611 several times in August and finally in October.
> On the Norfolk Division, I have been told that late April or May 1959 was 
> about the end, but have no specifics. Looking through the record books, 
> steam was pretty thin by February, 1959 on that side as well.
> Comments?
> Ken Miller
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