Photos of G-14, G-55, FD, F-6, F-15 cars needed

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Thu Mar 3 14:22:58 EST 2005

I am interested in obtaining photos of the N&W 40' 11-panel G-14 & G-55
gondolas in the 1971-81 'NW' freight lettering scheme.  The G-14 numbers
would be in the 247000-247115 & 247500-247883 series and the G-55's
would be in the 248000-007, 248301-374, 248446-248499 series, according
to 1970's mechanical drawings.  Many (if not all) cars of these classes
were relegated to MOW service, the G-14's were used as general purpose
MOW gons in the 547XXX series and the G-55's were painted green and
renumbered in the 590800-591099 series as 'Crosstie Loading' gons.  I
wrote a modeling article for the N&WHS 'ARROW' on these gons (Vol 10,
#6, Nov-Dec 1994, pgs 5-15).  I have a few photos of these in the
halfmoon scheme and MOW schemes but some of them must have been
repainted in the post '71 scheme before being relegated to MOW, and this
is what I'm looking for.  Actually, I would also be interested in any
photos of the G-14 Traction Motor gons other than the one pictured in my

I'm also looking for:
Photos of the 40' F-15 flatcar in either MOW or freight lettering
schemes (201900-201999 series).  The only F-15 I have a photo of is the
green MOW crane idler flat #527665 at the VMT in Roanoke.

Photos of the 40' class FD flatcar (series 321XX-322XX) in the halfmoon
era scheme: (the 'steam era' lettered car availble from the commissary).

Photos of F-6 (2900-2974 series) in halfmoon scheme.  This car has the
shorter bulkheads than the F-6A (series 2850-2899; 2858 is available in
VT archives; another is featured in Jim Nichol's 'Color Guide' book.

Any 2-bay 6-panel ~50-55-ton coal hopper with the large 1971-81 'NW' on
it - I know they exist because there is a picture of one (appears to be
an H-9) on p. 112 of Roy L. Sturgill's "An Album of Steam Railroadin'".
Its not the best picture in the world and it is a 3/4 view from a
distant (a b&w reprint of a newspaper picture).  I would prefer some of
the classes that came from the Virginian (as opposed to the H-9) because
they are closer to the Athearn 50-ton 2-bay model - which is what I'm
going to use to model.

I would be happy to pay for reproduction / shipping costs.

Thanks in advance,

Wilson McClung
3904 Crestridge Dr.
Midland, TX  79707  (originally of Lexington, then later, Blacksburg,

wsmc at or wildarmc at

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