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Subject:  Re: John P. Pettyjohn & Co., Lynchburg


We have two ledger books of the L&D as I recall.  The
name of John P. Pettyjohn seems to have a connection
with the construction of the L&D in the book I looked
at if the old memory is correct. 

As you will guess the cash books has some very
interesting information but contains very little
detail. For example the purchase of right of way.  I
was very interested in any details of purchase of land
in Halifax County by the L&D. There are a number of
entries but none contain the name of the property
owner.  The best lead is the date time frame that
could be used to trace the court house records.  The
railroad runs through property for some distance that
belonged to my aunts family and is still in the
family. Sure would like to know the details of this

Do come by and join us at a work session and do some
research on this question.  The books are dirty and
dusty so wear some old clothes.  There are several on
the archives teem that are very interested in
information on the L&D and would appreciate any info
that you turn up.  We have not had the time to look at
but a few pages in the books. I think we can point you
in the right direction. The next work session is March

Jim Blackstock

March 3, 2005

Hello, Jim:

Thanks for the invitation to the work session at the
Archives.  I hope that there will be future emailed
notices about scheduled work sessions few weeks prior
to each activity.

I'll be unable to make March 12 since I have some
pre-arranged moving that day and the Winchester
Chapter NRHS has its annual banquet that evening. 
Ironically, the featured presentation is about the O.
Winston Link Museum.

Good night and good morning, all!


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