How Many Loco "Builder's Cards" Did N&W Publish?

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Wed Jan 12 22:42:26 EST 2005

We have all seen those 4 x 10" cards that the N&W published, with photos of
its engines.  Some had statistics printed on the back.  Some were
prints and some were printed by "letter press" (a screened image done on a
printing press.)

Has anyone ever catalogued how many of these "builder's cards" were issued?

Here's a list of what I have.  Does anyone know if there were more?


-- abram burnett



I have one of M Class 475 that, if memory serves, I got with some other
stuff from the N&W PR Dept back in the late 50's.  It's all I have left that
they sent.  As far as I know, this is a photograph, but it has the specs on
the back so I guess it was involved in some printing process.  It has been
in a double side frame for many years so you can read the specs.  I treasure
the thing, but you wouldn't know it because it hangs in my garage.

That's one more you can add to the list anyway.

John Marbury
Next to the NS Mainline, MP 598
Buford, GA

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