Did N&W Run over VGN During USRA Era?

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Tue Nov 2 22:18:44 EST 2004

Re: " Were these movements just for handling interchange with the VGN, or 
were they N&W movements using some form of trackage rights? Note that 1919 
would be after the end of USRA operations."

As stated in the N&W Timetable; "The normal position of switch west  end of 
Y, SOUTH ROANOKE, will be left setting in position for the movement of 
Norfolk Division trains eastward via the Belt Line to Walnut Street  for 
delivery to the Virginian Railroad".  I believe that the key words here are 
"Norfolk Division  trains", indicating that these movements would proceed 
eastward over the Virginian.

Without looking it up, I'm not sure when USRA control ended, but the N&W 
Timetable No. 11 dated, 13 July 1919, has "USRA" on the cover.  It was 
omitted on the next issue, No 13 (No. 12 omitted), of 30 May 1920, almost a 
year later.

[Jeff Sanders]
Yd Bkm

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