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To any interested parties,
A while back I posted the topic of an old signal in Marion, Virginia that had been condemned.  The other day I saw an NS person taking photographs of this installation.  He had a very nice digital camera, and took all kinds of photos of the eastward bracket signal at Schuleen (old East End Marion).  Saturday I decided to go have a look for myself.  I can see why it is condemned.  It has a crack in the base flange about 1/8" at the top, and goes down through the flange.  They have a clamp bolted around the flange to keep the crack from spreading. The footer is also cracked from the top all the way to the ground.  While there I found something I'd never noticed before.  I found the old semaphore signal footer right beside it.  
I'm confident that NS is working on the problem, and as much as I hate to see it go, I think we're gonna loose this signal before long.
Ben Blevins

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