Abingdon Branch: Communications and Dispatching

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There are still several poles standing on the Abingdon branch to this day, and all have studs for four insulators, although the insulators themselves are long gone.  The trestle over Holston Lake also has the arms still in place with four studs on them as well.  If you like I'll send you a photo of one of the remaining poles for your documentation.
Ben Blevins

nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:
 I'm at work on a puzzle concerning the Abingdon Branch (which I will post to the list when I get it resolved.)
Does anyone have photos which show telephone poles on the Abingdon Branch?  I need to know how many wires were on the pole line.  (Even if you can't see the wires, you can count the insulators... each insulator represents one wire.)
-- abram burnett
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