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Not to continually rehash old stories of the last steam engines in the US 
Army, but this message reminded me that during one period in early 1971, the 
Ft. Eustis Post Commander wanted to make some kind of statement about energy 
conservation.  He pressed one or two of the 2-8-0's we had into stationary 
boiler service.  Because they just sat for several months the tubes (as I 
recall) got all clogged up and they were shortly retired from active service 
for safety reasons.

Ed Svitil

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>Actually I thought 1218 was restored from a stationary boiler back to 
>operational status...?
>Bob Welsh
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>   At the risk of opening a can of worms, or resurrecting an old topic, 
>exactly why did NS end the steam program?
>   Tom
>   Subject: Re: Visit to the O. Winston Link Museum
>   Link had nothing to do with the restoration of 1218 from a display
>   piece to operational status. That was Bob Claytor's dream, and executed
>   by the Steam Shop crew in Birmingham, Alabama removed from Musuem on
>   May 10, 1985, completed in Spring, 1987. Sadly the 1218 was only to
>   run through the end of 1991 before being placed back in the shop for
>   major work. It was not a top priority project and was worked only on
>   occasion. Three days after Graham Claytor died in 1994, orders from Bob
>   Lovelace of NS in Norfolk stopped all work on 1218.
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