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Right on, Don.  Everybody wants passenger service; they just don't  want to
ride the trains.  Former Roanoke Mayor Bowers endorses passenger  service.
Do you think he'll ever ride it ?  In Oct., 1970, I rode the  N&W train to
Bristol.  This was when there were still gaps in I-81 (Dixie Caverns  to 
burg).  When the train arrived in Bristol, it had one revenue  passenger and 
had to transfer to bus to complete his trip.  Don't get me wrong  -- I think 
are markets where passenger service would be attractive.
"The Hilltopper" had to be hauled backwards Richmond-Secoast because
Amtrak found it too expensive to install a connection at Petersburg  between
N&W's main line and ACL's Pocahontas Lead.  That had been the  original
ACL main line through Petersburg and the route the shuttles used  between
the station and the ACL main line at North Dunlop.
If you want a potential boondoogle, look at the South East High Speed  Rail
Corridor -- Washington - Atlanta via  Richmond-Petersburg-Raleigh-Greensboro.
It will require that 60 plus miles of former SAL track be restored from  the
ground up Collier to Norlina.  The route selected is about 62 miles  longer 
using the NS main line Alexandria-Greensboro.  If time is of the  essence, why
select a longer route ?  And by the way, once completed, CSX has  expressed
an interest in using the route for their freight service, Raleigh to  Collier 
Recently, Dinwiddie County has objected to restoring the line because  it
interferes with a park there.  Now I'm told,  consideration is  being given to
routing traffic to Jarratt, then restoring the former VGN Jarratt to  
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