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The last N&W passenger service to Norfolk ended May 1, 1971 with the 
formation of Amtrak.  Trains 3 & 4 were the last.  15 & 16, and 25 & 26 
were gone by 1969 or 1970.  The only other service by this late date was 
the remnant of the joint N&W-Southern service between Lynchburg and 
Bristol.  Amtrak assumed no service on N&W routes.  "The Hilltopper" which 
appeared later, operated over part of the N&W mainline.  It did not serve 
Norfolk.  The only passenger service to Norfolk was, and continues to be 
that operated on CSX (former C&O) to Newport News.

Rick Morrison

At 11:03 AM 9/22/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Would like information as to when N&W ended passenger train service from 
>and into Norfolk, primarily trains 3 & 4, 15 & 16, and 25 & 26? Also, did 
>Amtrak take over operation of these trains to and from Norfolk, and if so 
>when and for how long?
>Herman Wilkins
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