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 From Katie Letcher Lyle's book "Scalded to Death By the Steam"  ISBN 
0-945575-01-7, Ezra McHaffa was fireman on June 30, 1937 when Y3 No. 
2092 leading time freight 85 westbound, plunged off the east end of the 
Maybeury bridge and exploded.

The wreck destroyed the locomotive, killing the engineer, fireman, 
fatally injuring the head end brakeman and an innocent bystander who 
was walking along the track.

Ken Miller

On Sep 1, 2004, at 12:08 AM, nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> Hi there,
> Does anyone know anything about Ezra McHaffa? He was an engineer way 
> back when and apparently from the story I was told, the engine was 
> crossing on a bridge and fell off, killing everyone in West Virginia. 
> This might have been in the 20's or maybe before that.
> Thanks in advance,
> Robert Lent
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