[N&W] Re: Tadpole Conductor

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Tue May 18 22:47:31 EDT 2004

        Just thought I would get my feet wet, as I am a new comer to the
organization and this Internet forum, I worked as Brk/Cond. on the
Scioto.Division 1946 to 1985 my home Dist. was the Tadpole "Kenova Dist." but
I worked just about every job on the Division in my early years while on the
Brk. extra board except passenger trains. Since getting the computer I have
been trying to put some Tadpole Tales in print  about the every day human
side of my early days on the N&W with the emphasis on the humor that was part
of the scene when we were still using steam and making the transition from
steam to diesel.                     I guess this will do for this first time

                                   R F Smith

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