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Tue May 18 22:46:15 EDT 2004

Regarding the 1776 paint: I am a volunteer working on restoration of the VMT
equipment: Chris McBride is the only full time employee at VMT doing any
restoration. In many of our conversations we have talked about such things
as colors of paint. Perhaps the biggest problem is getting the funding to
purchase paint and other supplies necessary for restorations. We are
currently getting ready to paint the red bird and I seem to remember that
just a few gallons of paint that could withstand intense heat and uv of
sitting outside came to a little over $1000. And even then we are not sure
if the color will be as the specs in the little bit of information we have
With so much rolling stock to care for, there is little time to do all the
research necessary to come up with exact colors. I feel we are doing an
extraordinary job under the circumstances. I also feel that if anyone out
there would like to see more correct colors, then please, please volunteer
some time and assistance to help us out. I can only go in once per week at
present, so Chris is almost by himself the rest of the time. Very very
limited funding is available in the budget for materials. We desperately
need more equipment, tools and other things to continue restorations, along
with people willing to volunteer their time and especially any expertise so
we can get things more closely to original. And if you can donate some
money, that's even better. We appreciate feedback and do not take it
personally if someone knows that a color or otherwise is incorrect. How
about some of you taking it upon yourselves to take charge of restoring the
caboose, for example. It's close on the schedule to be restored.
I would personally appreciate any help anyone could give me with respect to
the dynamometer car. I will be doing much of the wiring and repair of the
electrical equipment, as well as the oak paneling interior. It is a
formidable looking task and i have very little information as to what goes
where, what color it was, or anything else for that matter. Thanks in
Rev John C Taylor (semi-retired)
Guys,please don't get me wrong,I am tickled that the ole gal is back in her 
bicentennial colors,sure,the blue is off a little but I can't figure why 
they couldn't have gotten a closer match. If it wasn't for this locomotive, 
I probally wouldn't be as strong of a railfan as I am today,Ed King refers 
to my generation as A.S. (after steamers),this is true. I was 7 years old 
when she (1776)pulled into Marion Va with a passenger consist,that was 
enough to make me fall in love with the N&W.  I still have a lot of 
memories tied up in the 1776, but look at it this way,if they had painted 
the stripe on the 611 just plain red,how many of you would voice you opinions?

Gary Price at gpprice_nsc at yahoo.com

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