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According to Norfolk and Western Railway, Pocohantas Coal Carrier, by
Richard E. Prince, The railroad was finished to Suffolk in March 1858, and
to Petersburg in August of that year.

Followig are several pertinent quotes:

"On March 30 (1858) it was announced that that the line had been opened as
far as Suffolk, 23 miles from Norfolk, and that freight would be accepted
between these two stations."

"Finally, on August 10th of that year, a note of announcement and
invitation, as quoted below, was delivered to the President and to the
Directors of the NORFOLK AND PETERSBURG RR, advising that the first run
through train between Norfolk and Petersburg would be the next day:"

"A temporary connection with the rails of the South Side RR within the city
limits of Petersburg was effected on the 15th of August, or four days after
the arrival of the first N&P RR train from Norfolk.  The NORFOLK AND
PETERSBURG RR was thus informally opened for public use on September 1st of
that same year, 1858."

There are numerous stories in Prince's book that might be of interest to
you, such as the one about naming the town of Disputana.  Mahone and his
wife were naming the towns between Petersburg and Suffolk, they had a
dispute, and out of it came Disputana.

Contact me if you would like more of this work.

Joe Brandon
jhbrand at home.com

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