[N&W] Bridgewater, Virginia

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Tue May 18 22:30:09 EDT 2004

A friend of mine was near Bridgewater,Virginia (were his wife grew up) and 
spotted the remnants of what appeared to be a very old stone trestle 
assembly.  The NS  Valley Line isn't very far away.  My friends wife has no 
recollection of a bridge at this site.  Any one have any info on a bridge 
in or near this vicinity and who or what owned it?

Paul Weiss

What you describe would have to be on an abandoned portion of the 
Chesapeake and Western which at one time ran from Harrisonburg to 
Stokesville. The old grade roughly parallels Rt 747 between Bridgewater and 
Mt Salon.

The Chesapeake and Western joins the Shenandoah Division of the N&W at 
Elkton, VA. There were plans to extend the line east of Elkton over the 
Blue Ridge, but one of the financial panics at the time put an end to those 

The C&W also joins with the C&O at Staunton VA. The present day C&W does a 
steady business moving feed for the local chicken industry.

Ron Davis

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