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Like the rest of the N&W, I guess we better get pics of the tunnels while 
we can!

Bucky Wilson
I have recently heard, but have not confirmed, that NS is already working 
on an intermodal yard or facility near Lockbourne, Ohio on the old Columbus 
District.  Lockbourne is about six miles south of Watkins Yard.  Certainly 
the Watkins Yard Intermodal yard south of Columbus is a very busy place 
these days.

G Rolih Cincinnati
Everything about this project is excellent except one point: building a ramp
a Prichard, WV. The ramp absolutely must be at Kenova, WV so that you have a
joint service facility serving NS and CSX for competitive purposes. AND
Hammer Lumber Co and it is served by both roads.

CSX wants to shove their involvement up river to north of Huntington to
avoid NS and now NS will push to Prichard 10 miles up the Big Sandy River to
avoid a competitive interface. And the public is the big loser. NO WAY !!!

Oakie G Ford

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 > Some recent Mail List questions have addressed the routes of double stack
 > intermodal trains through Roanoke, and replies have pointed out how the
 > numerous relatively low tunnels on the former N & W Pocahontas Division
 > prohibit the operation of double stacks there.
 > Mail List subscribers may be interested in the following article from the
 > current issue of Progressive Railroading about plans to remedy the problem
 > on the Pocahontas Division.
 > Gordon Hamilton
 > The planners of a $266 million, three-state intermodal corridor will meet
 > sometime this month to discuss the project. Norfolk Southern Railway, the
 > Kanawha Valley Local Port District, West Virginia Public Port Authority,
 > Ohio Rail Development Commission, Ohio Department of Transportation and
 > Virginia Port Authority plan to build the "Heartland Corridor," a
 > double-stack container line between Norfolk, Va., ports and Columbus,
 > The project would include upgrading NS' lines, reconstructing 28 rail
 > tunnels and 24 overhead obstructions, and building intermodal ramps in
 > Roanoke, Va., Pritchard, W. Va., and Columbus, where an Ohio River port
 > facility, industrial park and warehouse would tie-in to the ramp.
 > The corridor is designed to capitalize on NS' routes, inland ports along
 > the Ohio River and adjacent interstates to increase the river basin's
 > intermodal traffic volume.
 > The project will address facility requirements to accommodate a projected
 > 200 percent increase in South American import and export traffic per a
 > recent Latin American trade and transportation study, corridor planners
 > believe.
 > "[The district] wants to be ready to capitalize on this intermodal
 > transportation trend as an economic generator for the vitality of the
 > entire three-state region," said Kanawha Valley Local Port District
 > Director Stephen Weir in a prepared statement.

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