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Thu May 6 21:58:23 EDT 2004

I rode the train to and from Winston-Salem, usually west to Cinc and on.
It had a 10-6 sleeper. The train pulled through and backed into the
station. Leaving, going south, it shoved back and crossed over.

Cal Reynolds.

Also, remember these two lines began life as separate and distinct
railroads.  The line from Roanoke to Hagerstown was the Shenandoah Valley
Railroad, as is so well described in Mason Cooper's book published by the
Society and available through the Commissary.

The line to Winston-Salem was originally the Roanoke and Southern, a line
that ran from Roanoke to Winston-Salem; some information on this line is
contained in The Norfolk & Western: A History, also available through the

Both of these lines were eventually purchased by N&W and merged into its
system.  My guess is that they are both included in what is known as the
"Shenandoah Division" because of their geographical proximity in Roanoke to
each other, as well as an effort to distribute the dispatching chores on the
railroad as evenly as possible.

Jim Brewer

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