[N&W] Re: Wabash E-8 #1009

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Thu May 6 23:28:00 EDT 2004

[Jon Kelley asked:]
 >Ken I had heard it was a trade school that cut the panels too small. Either
 >way it is a shame to see her decaying the way she is. Anyone, Can anything
 >be done to save this piece of history?

The 1009 is safe, it is going to be moved off site, as is the RF&P E-8, for
storage and probable restoration. Neither is in danger of being scrapped at
this point. The move is expected to occur within the next 2-3 weeks.  Both
have suffered serious damage from the elements, there is no intent on
restoration to operating condition. It would be nice to think one of these
could be sent off to Chattanooga like Spence did with their ex-Southern E-8
and had it returned in beautiful, running condition.  Of course there is no
place to run such a locomoitve in Roanoke.

The RF&P unit will be restored by Roanoke Chapter NRHS. It will not be an
operating piece strictly static. The plan is to restore as an RF&P/N&W paint
and number scheme, since that is what is most important to Roanoke area, and
represents a specific point in history.

Ken Miller

Some railroads replaced the steel panels with fiberglass ones. It would
constitute a cosmetic restoration maybe, but it would keep the weather out!


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