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Thu May 6 23:27:27 EDT 2004

[Gene Williams asked:]
 > Which is the logo referred to as the "half moon?'

This is also known as the "hamburger" logo. This
featured "N&W" sandwiched between two "half moons" or
"hamburger buns" above and below - all enclosed with a
circle. This was used from about 1963 to 1971, when
the paint scheme and reporting marks became "NW".

Mark Peele

The "half moon" herald has also been referred to as the "hamburger herald"
for it appears to be like a hamburger with a rounded bun on the top and
bottom and "N&W" meat in the middle.  According to the N&W Magazine, it was
first painted on any equipment on December 27, 1963.  It was replaced by the
"NW" scheme in 1971.

Ken Miller

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