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Thu May 6 23:24:59 EDT 2004

These codes were also used for journal repack and air brake COT&S.  I think
you missed Crewe - as I remember it was CR; Clare Yard was CL (if a
Cincinnati code was used, it was on passenger equipment for work performed
by CUT); Columbus was CO; Iaeger was IA, Norton NO, Richlands RI, Wilcoe was
WC, Weller Yard was WY, Radford was RA, Shenandoah was SH, Hagerstown HA,
Durham DU, Winston-Salem was WS.  An NK marking would most likely have been
seen on passenger equipment, a la Cincinnati - most freight work would have
been done at LP.  I'm sure Eckman had a code, but I never saw one on a car
or saw a reference to it.

When I worked in the SC Car Dept.in the early '50's, one seldom saw anything
much other than the biggies; PO, WI, BL, SC, RO, CR and LP.  You would see
the others most often on a journal repack or In Date Air Test; light
weighing was seldom done anywhere else but at the biggies.  The Power Brake
Law of 1958 allowed a single car with inoperative brake to be sent to a
larger maintenance point for repair.  I doubt if the others had the
facilities to do a COT&S.  Some of the smaller points may have been able to
get one done, but it would have taken a while.  Same with journal repack; SC
had a waste room with equipment for pre-soaking lube pads, with everything
set up to do repacks; I doubt if they had facilities like that at smaller
points; I know they didn't have one at Bristol, although they could get a
repack done if they absolutely had to.


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