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     According to Robert J. Yanosey (sp?) in "Tidewater Triangle," just after
the N&W absorbed the Wabash, two passenger paint schemes were in effect on
the expanded N&W: Tuscan Red on the original N&W passenger equipment and blue
for the ex-Wabash equipment.  Later, of course, all original N&W equipment
was painted blue.  If I remember the quote from "Tidewater Triangle"
correctly, Bob increduously asks, "Can you imagine seeing a former Wabash E-8
painted in Pennsy Tuscan Red."

     As for Wabash E-8s in Chicago commuter service, Bob Withers' book about
N&W First Generation Diesels confirms this.  At least one photograph in his
book shows a former Wabash E-8 paired with a former Wabash "torpedo boat"
geep in commuter service. There might be other photos in his book documenting
this, but I can't immediately recall since I am on vacation in Florida and my
books are back home.

Bill King
wckiii at aol.com

 >There is a sad sight of an ex-Wabash E8 at the Virginia Museum of
 > Transportation. You can barely make out the number on the number board.
 > Jon Kelley

     I agree.  Sadly the E-8 in question is the former Wabash #1009, which is
also the 10,000 locomotive unit produced by EMD (a plaque on the cab
proclaims this honor).  Behind the #1009 is an equally dilipidated RF&P E

     I don't know the history of the RF&P locomotive, but the #1009 was ruined
by the  flood that hammered Roanoke in 1985.  At that time the #1009 was
located at the old municipal transportation museum on Wiley Drive just a few
feet from the Roanoke River.  After the flood waters receded, the #1009 and
the other flood victims made the journey to their new location in downtown
Roanoke (quite a distance away from the Roanoke River I might add).
Unfortunately, the #1009 never recovered from its flood damage.  That's a
shame since it's such a historical piece of transportation history.

Bill King
wckiii at aol.com

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