[N&W] Re: Ex-Wabash E8

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Thu May 6 23:23:16 EDT 2004

 >Hey Ed- what were they like running?
 >-Dave Grigsby

Dave - Decatur Shops did all three rebuilds, and really did a great job.
They sounded great - IMHO the E-8 was just about the best sounding diesel -
and put out the power.  I had one one night on the Cannonball between
Montpelier and Detroit whose CP speed recorder only went up to 76 - it
turned out to be low on oil.  It was a nice June night and we had the
windows open and I noticed that the click-click-clicks were coming a little
fast.  I put the watch on, and we were doing 85 - and the old gal rode like
a Cadillac.

I've ridden other E-8s elsewhere, and nothing gave a better ride.  The only
thing I ever rode that approached it was an Alco PA . . .


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