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Thu May 6 22:51:45 EDT 2004

As I promised, I went exploring last Thursday.  In Cornwall, I found: The
Climax cab is gone.  I found the remains of the Commissary - actually the
original storefront has been built into a house along the N&W tracks.  You can
see the original lumber mill foundation and where the log pond existed.  The
owner of the existing Creek's End Country Store is fairly knowledgeable about
the history and has pictures on the wall.  She has a picture of the luxury
hotel built there that never had a guest!

Then, we slowly drove and stopped up the entire length of Irish Creek -
looking at the obvious remaining roadbed of the South River Lumber Co.
railway.  We plan to return and hike up some of the roadbed.  We finished at
the reconstructed portion on the Blue Ridge Parkway at mile 34.

Gene Williams

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